Fratelli Damian - Museo Ottavio Bottecchia - Colle Umberto

FRATELLI DAMIAN for the Ottavio Bottecchia Museum

Nestled in the territory of Colle Umberto, among the hills of the Treviso foothills, lies an important place for cycling enthusiasts and history lovers: the Ottavio Bottecchia Museum. Unique in its kind, this museum, inaugurated on February 3, 2024, offers visitors a fascinating journey through the life and successes of one of Italy’s greatest sporting heroes.

The museum provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about the history and evolution of cycling in Italy. Interactive exhibitions and multimedia displays offer a comprehensive overview of the sport’s development, highlighting its cultural significance and enduring popularity in Italian society.

One of the museum’s highlights is the exhibition featuring Bottecchia’s iconic yellow jerseys, worn during his triumphant campaigns at the Tour de France. These jerseys are a tangible reminder of Bottecchia’s dominance on the world stage and his lasting legacy in cycling.

FATELLI DAMIAN contributed by designing and constructing some of the metal exhibition structures, both external and internal to the museum’s path, including the external backlit panel, the photographic installation on metal print, and the display system of the Tour de France yellow jersey.

“When we were asked to contribute to this important project aimed at enhancing the figure of such an important person for our Municipality, we immediately accepted the challenge. I believe that our role, as entrepreneurs, is to support the development of our territory.” Loris Damian

The Ottavio Bottecchia Museum plays a vital role in preserving Italy’s rich cycling heritage and honoring the legacy of one of its greatest athletes. For cycling enthusiasts and history lovers, a visit to the Ottavio Bottecchia Museum is an enriching experience that offers a deeper understanding of Italy’s cycling legacy and the remarkable successes of Ottavio Bottecchia. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or simply interested in exploring the history of sport in Italy, the museum offers something for everyone to appreciate.