It is a place where ideas, synergies and planning come together, with a focus on social, cultural and environmental regeneration.

The name comes from some reflections we made some time ago. We liked the idea of creating a space to share thoughts, projects and narratives.
I-SPACE was born; the name stands for some of the values we hold dear: Tailoring, Design, Art, Culture, Emotions. (Sartorialità, Progettualità, Arte, Cultura, Emozioni in Italian)

The “I” at the beginning stands for attention to the individual, as a unique entity to be valued and supported. It is also our symbol, which is duplicated here in the logo to reinforce its meaning.

I – TOWER – Sanitising Dispenser

YEAR: 2020
DESCRIPTION: I-TOWER is a hand sanitising column made of stainless steel and glass in the transparent parts, with highly detailed technical and design features.
Designed for environments in contact with the public such as retail, offices and the entire Ho.Re.Ca. sector, I-TOWER is fully customisable in terms of materials, colours and finishes for both the metal and transparent structure. It is also possible to insert a logo or a screen-printed, digitally printed or painted sign, as well as to display small objects in the two transparent spaces. On request, it is possible to insert LED lighting to give the structure a strong aesthetic component.

It is a sustainable product: in addition to using totally recyclable material, the dispensing of the sanitising solution is activated by a photocell sensor, so that the operation is easy and no product is wasted. The “drop catcher” system also keeps visible surfaces clean. Replacing the sanitising gel is quick and easy.
Minimalist, essential and sober in its concept, the aim was to create a design and furnishing object that would make the space in which it is housed attractive.
Column dimensions L. 25×25 H. 184 cm Base L. 50×50 H. 2 cm

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METAL CHIC – The Metamorphosis of Metal beyond the Surface

DESIGN: Carlo Favaro

YEAR: 2019

LOCATION: Fuori Salone del Mobile presentation / Milan Design Week 2019

DESCRIPTION: A project created in collaboration with designer Carlo Favaro which, inspired by the search for the essence of shape, is to be interpreted as a research project taking points-edges, lines-curves, surfaces that reflect light and the surrounding environment to extremes, blending into its context.
It began as an experiment in alchemy, the METAL CHIC collection was an exchange of synergies between creative thinking and craftsmanship, a combination that came together and interacted, shaping itself into unique shapes and colours.

A cosmic transformation in which the heaviness of the metal dissolves, almost magically, so that the geometric form seems to float lightly, reflecting all its beauty and elegance.

The collection consists of 6 elements that sequence the evolution of flat geometries, circles, triangles and squares become three-dimensional photograms that depict the metamorphosis of the shape in space.

Each element is made of stainless steel painted with customised coloured pigmentations, which enhance the shine and reflectivity of the metal and the special features of the construction work, ranging from the elegance of the v-cut edge, to the harmonious shape of the plate rolling and turning.

Dimensions of larger objects (sphere and cube) L. 35 × L. 35 H. 42 cm (complete with stand)

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Carlo Favaro


“I let myself be inspired by what I love, in the city where I was formed, Venice, while walking through the streets… or while immersing myself in nature, in a forest, a mountain, a sea or a lagoon… where the scents and colours stimulate my creativity and take me to distant worlds. Observing nature, and its silent changes, trains me to constantly change through small things that I face with optimism every day.”

A Venetian, his training in Venice has been oriented towards design since his school days. He obtained a diploma in industrial design and did a master’s degree in design and communication in Milan. His work experiences led him to work as a product manager, contract and chief technical officer in the furniture sector, R&D in the sports sector, robotics and photography.

His relationship with this work has transformed, evolving in different areas, while preserving what he calls his “Core Values” with passion, creativity, and sharing.

Federica Preto

Fondo Plastico

“Even today, my passion has not abandoned me and I continue to be moved by the beauty I encounter every day in the workshops, in the skilful gestures of expert hands and the meditative concentration of the craftsmen.”

A Venetian, she is a curator, art director, coordinator and cultural aggregator. Since 2007, she has been promoting and enhancing the High Craftsmanship of the territory through projects that aim to give “Value” to the craft realities and create collaborations and synergies between them and with the territory in which they are located.

Owner since 2010 of Fondo Plastico, she is in charge of art direction and curatorship for exhibition and commercial projects. She is a consultant for trade associations and companies in the field of communication, product innovation and projects for enhancement and promotion in the region with corporate tourism. She organises and teaches training courses on communication and product/service innovation for companies and institutions. She is a speaker at conferences as an expert in the craft and design sector. She collaborates in working groups dealing with projects in the field of tourism and regional enhancement.


IN PLANNING – We are working on new projects to share… see you soon!

Do you have a design project to develop?

Do you have a design project to develop?